If interested in an academic experience in our lab as an undergraduate, Master's student, PHD student, or post-doc, the following opportunities are available

For Undergraduates

If you are an undergraduate student at the University of Trento we offer two types of internships -- an unpaid one offering flexible hours and involvement, and a a paid one via the university's '150 hour' program.  If interested in the latter, you will be asked to assist in various technical aspects of academic life, including assistance in technical procedures, scheduling participants for studies, and assisting in running participants in behavioral protocols. 

If you are an exceptional international student looking for an internship, contact us to inquire about possibilities for summer internships.

For Master's students

Master's students enrolled in the international M.A program in cognitive neuroscience at the university are welcome to contact us if interested in a short 3-month internship or in conducting their Master's thesis in the lab.  We are currently looking for M.A students with either a strong quantitative background for projecting dealing with the study of resting-state processes or students with an interest in relation between brain structure and behavior.  M.A students in the lab have presented their work in international conferences, and all have continue onto PhD. programs, both at CIMeC and in the U.S.A (Dartmouth)

For potential PHD students or Post-docs

We are always looking for highly motivated individuals that are comfortable with the technical demands of cognitive neuroscience research and have a strong interest in high level cognition, brain structure and function, and combination of research methodologies. While the majority of the group's work relies of functional neuroimaging, we also conduct MEG, eye tracking, TMS and analyses of structural morphometry to address our research questions.  Recent graduates looking for a post-doctoral position are also welcome to inquire with the P.I about these directions.

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