Tools developed during the project can be found here

BEATz: Editing of physiological noise files prior to fMRI regression

BEATz is a Matlab program for cleaning physiological noise data. Its main use is preparing such file for inclusion in regression models in the context of fMRI analysis.  However, it can also be used for annotation of simple cardiac data prior to deriving heart-rate related measures.  It allows annotation of cardiac R-R data, and also generates limited information about heart rate and variance. It consists of a simple GUI and simple but efficient processes for beat detection.

Click here for documentation and the Matlab Bundle.


Amplitude Variance Asymmetry calculation

We introduced Amplitude Variance Asymmetry to the analysis of the BOLD responses in Davis et al. (2014).  The computation is simple, and relies on establishing the (log) ratio of the variance of the local maxima set to that of the local minima set.  This script, written in the "R" statistical language will perform an AVA analysis on a NIFTI time series and output a NIFTI file. It requires the Rniftilib and pastecs libraries.  This script contains a number of parameters you can change depending on your acquisition protocol: these include the timepoints at the beginning of the time series to be ignored,  the temporal smoothing filter, and how many unique values a time series should have in order to be analyzed (to avoid 'flat liners').

Download here.



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