Dr. Michael Andric (Post-doctoral fellow).

PhD. in Psychology, The University of Chicago, USA. 2011.

Dr. Andric earned a PhD in Psychology with an emphasis in cognitive neuroscience. He has previously studied the neurobiology of language and action understanding. In particular, he has investigated the way that the brain functions in processing manual gestures that are used in communication, both when the gestures are presented on their own, as emblematic gestures, as well as with accompanying spoken language, as co-speech gestures. Additionally, he has developed and applied data-driven computational methods to investigate the brain's functional network structure during discourse comprehension. His current research interests extend beyond the language and action domains to include understanding neural function in multisensory integration and multisensory emergence. He has been at the CIMeC since July 2012.


Dr. Giuseppe Notaro (Data analyst).

PhD. in Computational neuroscience, Univesity of Genoa, Italy, 2011.
Giuseppe Notaro has a background in physics. He obtained his PhD in computational neuroscience  at the University of Genova\IIT (Italian Institute of Technology), working in information theory applied to rat barrell cortex data under supervision of Stefano Panzeri.  He was previously a postdoc at  Max Planck Institute of Tuebingen working on the analysis of eye movements of freely moving rats, and then worked the Caesar Institute of Bonn, working on related issues.  He has joined the group in September 2015.
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